Making access
plain and simple

Today’s organizations need to manage countless access rules distributed across multiple repositories, directories and on the application level – making it difficult to audit and control authorizations and entitlement. PlainID offers a standalone authorization platform leveraging Policy Based Access Control (PBAC), and architected above the applications and enforcement points – helping to unleash the potential of your existing Identity Access Management (IAM) by significantly reducing the complexity associated with scaling IAM systems and centralizing distributed identities.

PBAC access control

Authorization at
your fingertips

Our unique PBAC solution enables business owners and administrators to create any enablement and restrictive authorization policy using a wizard-driven interface that requires no technical background. By seeing the connections between users, devices, data assets and services, business owners can quickly define in straightforward language what each identity can and cannot access without IT intervention. Separating the business logic of an authorization policy from its technical implementation enables re-use of the same policy across multiple applications and services, saving time and resources by not having to manage authorizations across growing number of roles in the organisation. This is the power of PBAC.

Rapid deployment of projects with less friction

PlainID was designed to boost productivity by creating cohesive and consistent policies across the organization and a direct connection between users and the resources they are authorized to access. Resources are clearly defined and access can be managed based on any number of factors, such as name, title, pattern or other attributes, enabling faster and with less friction implementation of in-flight and new projects.

Our PBAC authorization platform works with third-party identity providers, on premise and in the cloud, delivering tighter control over you digital assets.

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PBAC access control
PBAC access control
PBAC access control