Know Your Identity & Stop Identity-based Threats

Confronting the challenge of ever-evolving identity threats, businesses face a critical need to understand and manage their identity landscape. PlainID’s Identity Insights emerges as the solution, offering deep analysis and actionable insights into identity activities and security risks. This powerful tool visualizes access controls and identity privileges, identifies unmanaged identities, and detects anomalous behaviors, empowering organizations to mitigate identity-based attacks and strengthen their security posture effectively.


year-over-year increase in identity-related breaches


of breaches involve identity data

$76 M

average cost of a unauthorized access security breach


of breaches are due to unauthorized access

Gain Insight into Your Identity Security Risks

  • Know Your Identity (KYI)

    Gain insights into your identities and access pathways to prevent identity related security incidents

  • Discover Unmanaged Identities

    Learn about Identities and their activity through the access they utilize across cloud and SaaS platforms.

  • Visualize Your Identity Security

    See privileges and access controls associated with each Identity to understand which actions are granted by which entitlements.

  • Discover Access Outliers

    Monitor user behavior across all activities to find anomalous events such as over-used access.

Identity Insights Dashboard

How it Works

Integrate with industry-leading Identity Providers such as Microsoft Entra ID, Okta, and Ping Identity for insights into your Identity activity.


Integrate your Identity Providers and Cloud Applications with PlainID Identity Insights through APIs.


Gather information and begin analysis of your Identity activity and audit logs.


Review generated reports and take action on high-risk issues to secure your Identities.

Key Features

Discover and visualize your access and Authorization policies. Gain insights into all your identities: workforce, customer, B2B, third parties, and more.

Dial in your policies and tolerances and allow the platform to discover and prioritize issues based on Risk scores and exposure.

Ensure users have the least amount of access they actually need to do their jobs. Highlight identities with excess access privileges.

Easy to understand reports and actionable suggestions to help drive awareness of identity related potential breaches before they happen.

Gain Insight into Your Identity Vulnerabilities

Utilize analytics and intelligence to identify potential threat paths. PlainID’s Identity Insights provide actionable recommendations to help you bolster your security posture and strengthen Identity hygiene.

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