Identity-Related Breaches are on the Rise

In 2022 alone, nearly 70% of disclosed breaches were attributed to unauthorized access, an uptick from 36% in the last ten years. This growing trend in identity-related breaches has given way to a new paradigm in the IAM world.

Enterprises now look to Identity Security Posture Management (ISPM) to resolve identity security gaps. ISPM grants the visibility to achieve better identity hygiene by continuously discovering and analyzing identity risk. It also helps you remediate configurations and fortify cybersecurity to stop identity-related breaches.


of breaches are due to unauthorized access


of breaches involve identity data


million records lost due to misconfiguration of security controls


year-over-year increase in identity-related breaches

Prevent Identity Related Threats

Visibility and standardized controls are key to aligning your Identity Security Posture and preventing identity-related breaches. Don’t be the next statistic. Discover, Manage, Authorize, and enforce security.


PlainID’s Identity Insights provides insights into where Identity Security posture is misaligned in your ecosystem. Allow its AI-powered insights to pinpoint the highest-risk items that need to be addressed quickly.


PlainID’s SaaS Authorization Management makes it easy to align your access control configuration across the myriad of industry-leading SaaS products in a standardized way – all powered by Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC). Centralized management of Access Controls grants deeper visibility into how digital identities are connected to data and assets.


Use PlainID’s Dynamic Authorization Service to achieve Identity Posture even further by weaving dynamic risk-based authorization throughout your applications, APIs, microservices, and data access layers enterprise-wide.

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