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PlainID offers a comprehensive Policy-Based Access Control platform, giving you an intuitive way to set any access control policy imaginable.  Welcome to PBAC that gives both Admins and Managers an easy graphical interface with no coding required.

PlainID: Identity Access Management Solution

A fresh new perspective on Authorization Management

Based on how modern enterprises operate in real business scenarios, Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC) pushes the boundaries of role-based solutions – combining the best of all methods (RBAC, ABAC, GBAC and Access Lists) into a united policy that can be implemented in minutes and serve multiple projects.

Centralized and Intuitive Access Control

Intuitive graphic design enables business owners, administrators and managers to easily supervise and manage restrictions and permissions across the board from a centralized platform.
Full visibility, audit trails and deep analytics reveal which data and functionality can be seen and used by whom.

Authorization Management
Full visibility
Authorization Management
Audit trails
Authorization Management
Deep analytics

Founder’s corner

PlainID was founded in 2014 by a team of experienced security technologists determined to put an end to the challenges that businesses face when scaling up their IAM capabilities.

Empowering the Enterprise
with Authorization as a Service

Access Control is not just an IT problem; it’s an empowering business solution that enables enterprises to better control their assets. One-stop Authorization as a service delivers cohesive policies implemented across the organization, introducing new efficiencies that save time, facilitate new implementations, and expedite projects with less friction.

Authorization Management

Fine-grained Authorization at Enterprise Speed

Easy to onboard enterprise-grade PBAC platform works with multiple identity providers, on premises or in the cloud. Fine-grained access is determined dynamically and in real time based on user attributes, environmental attributes such as time and location, and events – delivering protection down to the resource or action level.

PBAC: More Flexible Than Any Other Identity Access Management Solution

Many third party applications require more authorization structures than traditional OAUTH authentication tokens can provide. With PlainID you can flexibly develop your app to meet your needed levels of authorization requirements, freeing your developers to focus on enriching the user experience.

Codeless policy composition
at your fingertips

With PlainID’s PBAC model, policies are created in just three short steps with a simple drag and drop interface,
with no code necessary.
Simply select:

Authorization Management
Data Analyst
Account Managers
Manage commercial accounts