Secure Workforce Access for Greater Productivity and Enhanced Data Protection

In today’s Dynamic and digital landscape, PlainID empowers enterprises to navigate the intricate waters of access control. The complexity has increased as the result of the uptick in remote work and dsitributed work environemts. Through policy-based precision, our platform gauges real-time contexts, ensuring employees access only what’s essential. As roles and context change, access adapts seamlessly. With PlainID, be assured that security moves at the speed of your business.

Protect business intelligence and ensure global compliance without impacting workforce productivity

Precise Control of Access with PBAC

Utilize PlainID to define precise access policies, leveraging attributes, roles, and context. Ensure every employee has the right access, no more, no less.

Context-Aware Access Decisions

Improve security with PlainID’s context-aware controls. Evaluate access requests based on factors such as location, device, and more, ensuring continuous and adaptable protection.

Auditing & Automated Lifecycle Management

Track employee access events with clear logs. Secure transitions through automated access adjustments. Ensure privileges align with promotions, departures, and current roles.

Secure Access for Business Intelligence

Keep proprietary analytics, data insights, and sensitive PII safe. PlainID grants access strategically, ensuring sensitive data remains private yet accessible to authorized personnel.

Dynamic Authorization in Real-Time

Continuously verify trust during each digital interaction across your tech stack, ensuring enterprise security frameworks are consistently aligned, regardless of company size.

Cross-Border Regulatory Compliance

With PlainID, confidently meet regional, national, and state compliance standards. As your business scales, ensure your access controls remain in line with global regulations.

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