Flexible & risk-based PBAC enterprise-wide

As enterprises modernize, the complexity of access controls grows. PlainID’s Dynamic Authorization Service simplifies how enterprises securely connect identities to digital assets. Powered by a Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC) framework, PlainID ensures seamless integration with existing systems for risk signals and distributes enforcement across the technology stack. This facilitates rapid adoption and proliferation of risk-based Authorization enforcement for custom applications, APIs, microservices, down to the data layer.

Business Value

  • Gain Full Control and Visibility

    Centralize and automate access policies for custom applications, API gateways, the service mesh, and data tools.

  • Minimize Security Gaps with PBAC

    Apply risk-based signals in real-time for contextual, continuous and consistent access policies, enterprise-wise.

  • Secure Data Access with Granular Controls

    Tighten access controls with both coarse- and fine-grained Authorization. Filter and mask data at the row, column, and cell-level.

  • Adapt to Evolving Requirements

    Facilitate quick updates to keep up with rapidly changing business needs, security threats, and regulatory compliance.

How it Works

Dynamic Authorization in Real-time


PlainID provides AuthorizersTM to integrate existing systems for centralized policy management, and sources for risk-based signals.


Administrators manage and create access policies within PlainID’s Policy Administration Point that offers policy acceptance workflows, Policy as Code, and more.


Access policies are then pushed to the SaaS application for enforcement.


The SaaS application enforces which data or assets the user is allowed to access based on PlainID-managed policies.

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Key Features

Centralize and automate access policies for custom applications, API Gateways, Microservices, and data tools such as data lakes, data warehouses, and more.

Gain real-time access decisioning that enhances security. PlainID provides coarse- and fine-grained Authorization and enables data masking and data filtering at the row, column, and cell level.

Apply risk-based signals from your Identity Fabric in real-time for contextual, continuous and consistent access policies, enterprise-wise. PlainID leverages your existing systems to inform access decisions.

Manage access for identities within your enterprise’s supply chain. Control how business partners, third parties, and identities from other external entities interact with your shared data.

Accelerate time-to-market with low-code/no-code development using PlainID’s SDKs, .NET library, Spring Boot, and REST API.

What is Policy-based Access Control?

PBAC simplifies access control by combining RBAC and ABAC with a business logic layer that uses natural language for ease of management. With the flexibility to rapidly adapt authorization policies, PBAC helps enterprises scale Zero Trust and Identity Security enterprise-wide.



PlainID provides AuthorizersTM to integrate existing systems for centralized policy management, and sources for risk-based signals.

Authorization for Data & Data Lakes

Flexible PBAC Service for Cloud and Hybrid

Choose a deployment option to fit your needs. Opt for a fully SaaS model to let PlainID manage everything, or go with the Hybrid model for even tighter control over your enterprise privacy and security.

Third party access control for cybersecurity image

Harness Existing Systems for Risk-based Signals

Pull data from multiple identity sources, application resources, and APIs to inform access decisions. PlainID taps into existing enterprise systems for contextual data (Policy Information Points).

PlainID Policy-Based Access Control Resource Image

Authorizers and SDKs for Authorization Coverage

Easily manage access policies across custom applications and industry-leading solutions through PlainID Authorizers and SDKs for distributed enforcement.

“Migrated from a Legacy Authorization Platform to PlainID’s Dynamic Authorization Solution”

A $70B global financial services firm, with over 200,000 employees and 70M customers chose PlainID’s Dynamic Authorization solution.

This firm chose to migrate from a legacy authorization platform in order to achieve greater flexibility and business agility by leveraging policy based access control and PlainID’s Dynamic Authorization solution for its mission critical workforce applications.

Customer Stories

PlainID Enforcement Authorizers

Access Control for Applications, APIs, Microservices, and Data.

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PBAC, ABAC and RBAC – the Truth

Connecting identities to digital assets is a central challenge in modern business. Especially in technological environments where digital assets are often decentralized and broadly distributed, identity-first security is an indispensable strategy to enterprises looking to ensure secure, consistent access to those assets.  Learn more in this guide to Navigating and Modernizing Authorization for the Enterprise.

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