Named Product, Innovation and Overall Leader


The Policy Based Access Management (PBAM) Leadership Compass features vendors offering policy-based access control solutions and provides guidance on aligning a vendor’s solution to common corporate access control requirements.


In this latest Leadership Compass featuring fourteen vendors, PlainID was named Overall, Product and Innovation leader.

PlainID is named an Overall Leader in the 2024 Kuppingercole Policy Based Access Management (PBAM) Leadership Compass report

PlainID continue to develop their support for corporate environments that must accommodate diverse requirements.

– KuppingerCole



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Why we believe KuppingerCole named PlainID an Overall Leader:

Centralized Policy Management Across Diverse Environments

PlainID’s capability for centralized management is helping customers manage policies with ease and efficiency across various environments.

Advanced Access Control and Strong Policy Analysis

PlainID’s advanced access control capabilities and robust policy analysis tools can help organizations securely manage and analyze access policies with greater precision and insight.

Future Development and Innovation Focus

PlainID’s ongoing commitment to innovation, and development of Authorizers for policy orchestration, along with upcoming capabilities such as AI-based analytics and policy recommendations.


Product Leader in Policy Based Access Management

As pioneers in PBAC, PlainID leads the field with unique Authorizers for enforcement and orchestration, setting itself apart from other vendors by aligning security posture with access control for bolstered security resilience.


PlainID has longevity in the PBAC space and continue to expand their product offering to accommodate diverse deployments.

– KuppingerCole

Innovation Leader in Policy Based Access Management

By centering on identity-centric security and empowering enterprises to manage policies effectively, PlainID future-proofs and enhances the security posture – marking a new era and convergence of identity and security.

PlainID has developed an innovative way to support cloud native while maintaining a structured approach.

– KuppingerCole