Minimize risk and protect SaaS apps at scale

Native Access Controls fragmented across SaaS apps make managing and maintaining security best practices near impossible. Our platform centralizes access policy management, allowing seamless policy orchestration across various SaaS environments. This unified approach simplifies the management process and significantly reduces the risk of security breaches. By streamlining policy management, you can quickly respond to emerging threats, address regulatory compliance, and ensure that your SaaS apps and their data are always protected.

Business Value

  • Streamline Access to Data

    Centralize and automate policy management to reduce manual efforts required to enforce policies across SaaS applications, data platforms and SASE solutions.

  • Minimize Security Gaps

    Ensure policies are consistently applied across the enterprise with a Policy-based Access Control (PBAC) framework.

  • Gain Visibility & Monitoring

    Track access policies from a single dashboard that provides reporting and alerting to inform administrators of policy changes.

  • Adapt to Evolving Requirements

    Facilitate quick updates to keep up with rapidly changing business needs, security threats, and regulatory compliance.

SaaS Authorization Management

How it Works

Policy Orchestration for industry-leading cloud applications, SASE, and data platforms


PlainID’s Policy Orchestration connects to the SaaS application and pulls the application’s access policies into PlainID.


Administrators manage and create access policies within PlainID’s Policy Administration Point that offers policy acceptance workflows, Policy as Code, and more.


Access policies are then pushed to the SaaS application for enforcement.


The SaaS application enforces which data or assets the user is allowed to access based on PlainID-managed policies.

Key Features

Create and manage access policies in plain language, and orchestrate policies from a single, intuitive dashboard, ensuring consistency and control across all SaaS applications.

Streamline policy management with approval workflows to ensure policies remain effective, and aligned with auditing and governance requirements. PlainID also automates policies by integrating policy workflows into existing CI/CD pipelines with Policy-as-Code.

Test and refine access policies before implementation. Investigate security impacts of policies and visualize the relationships between identities and assets.

Automatically discover and translate Authorization policies for industry leading SaaS applications such as Power BI, Zscaler, Snowflake and more.

Secure Data Access and Compliance Within your PowerBI Instance.

One of the world’s largest IT / Consulting services firms with over $60B in revenue & 700k employees has chosen PlainID

PlainID is securing data access to one of this firm’s mission critical portals which provides access to sensitive data across a multitude of applications used by all employees. The associated data is utilized for business analytics, market decisions and internal operations.

Customer Stories

PlainID Authorizers for SaaS Authorization Management

PlainID’s approach to Central Policy Management and Distributed Enforcement standardizes access controls – enhancing security posture by enforcing least privilege through quick integration with PlainID Authorizers™.

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