Identity is the New Attack Surface

In an era where cyber threats are continually evolving and authorization has become siloed across legacy and homegrown solutions, managing visibility of how access is mapped between users and digital assets a challenge. As environments become more complex, and threats become more sophisticated, enterprises are not able to apply Identity-first security to access down to the data layer, nor apply contextual signals to access decisions post log-in.

Enterprises are in need of a standardized approach to their access control that will enhance their security and business agility.


Enhance Identity Security Posture

Security professionals can improve their enterprise security posture by externalizing Authorization, centralizing its management, and standardizing access control approach for their technology stack. Additionally, enterprises can minimize risk and prevent unauthorized access to data by injecting dynamic risk signals from multiple sources in real time and applying Identity-first security with dynamic real-time/runtime and fine-grained authorization.

This multifaceted strategy enhances the overall security posture, allowing for more responsive and adaptive measures in the face of evolving cyber threats and complex regulatory environments.

Business Impact Benefits

  • Consistent, Contextual, and Continuous Security

    Implement security that leverages Identity-context in real-time and apply risk-based access control consistently across various aspects of your business.

  • Identity-aware Data Security at Every Layer

    Drive access based on Identity-context (e.g. role, location, device, etc.) through enterprise architecture layers: from Application, to API, and Microservices all the way through to the Data tier for effective Zero Trust.

  • Automated processes and workflows

    Ensure that security best practices for access control are being followed with a standardized approach to workflows while also allowing for scalable process efficiencies.

Data Security

“Increase Operational Efficiencies while Maintaining Security and Compliance Standards.”

World leading Investment bank and holding company selected PlainID to secure access to its trading platform which conducts over $1B worth of trades weekly.

The trading platform is used by the world’s largest firms to buy and trade large amounts of global currencies. As a result, compliance and security requirements are paramount while balancing user experience and availability.

The firm chose PlainID, powered by policy based access control to modernize its legacy access control platform, increase operational efficiencies of the platform while maintaining security and compliance standards.

Customer Stories

Security Use Cases

Continuous and contextual security with full visibility and control to maintain least privilege access.

Zero Trust

Address the last mile of Zero Trust through Authorization by validating trust at every digital interaction.

Zero Trust
PlainID Dynamic Authorization for SQL Databases

B2B Access Control

Address the third party attack surface through better access control for third parties including customers, partners, and other organizations in the supply chain.

B2B Access Control
Authorization for Data & Data Lakes

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