Protect Data, Ensure Privacy & Compliance

Achieve consistent data access control with PlainID. Our PBAC framework ensures compliance and fortifies data privacy across your tech stack. Meet regulatory mandates effortlessly while maintaining full visibility and control over your digital assets.

Streamline Compliance and Safeguard Data with PlainID's PBAC Solution

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Easily meet global privacy regulations with our centralized policy control. PlainID simplifies granular control of data access and auditing, ensuring you’re always compliant.

Secure Cross-Border Data Access

Apply consistent data access policies globally. Navigate international compliance challenges and protect sensitive PII and data.

Real-Time Data Filtering and Masking

Leverage real-time contextual signals for data filtering and masking. Safeguard sensitive information Dynamically, from APIs to databases, without compromising accessibility.

Granular Control for Data Access

Exercise pinpoint control over who accesses what. Manage permissions down to the row, column, and cell level in databases, fortifying data privacy.

Eliminate Silos in Authorization Management

Break down access control silos with our centralized platform. Consolidate your disparate policies and approaches across multiple systems for unified management of data access.

Facilitate Secure Data Collaboration

Allow secure yet streamlined data sharing within and beyond your organization. Maintain full visibility and control over who accesses what data.

Address Cross-Border Compliance with PBAC

Discover how Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) transforms enterprise data access for compliance amidst evolving cross-border regulations. This eBook provides insights into overcoming challenges and leveraging PBAC for ensuring secure transfer and access of personal or sensitive data across borders.
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