Safeguard Your B2B Access Control for Subsidiaries, and Supply Chain Ecosystem

PlainID simplifies your complex third party and B2B ecosystem, centralizing access for non-employee identities while reinforcing Identity-centric Security. Our platform seamlessly navigates compliance hurdles and automates key tasks, freeing you to focus on your core business. PlainID ensures your access control scales across all partners and subsidiaries, making it an essential tool for secure, efficient, and compliant B2B operations.

Centralize and streamline B2B access control for efficiency, compliance and security

Secure Your B2B and Supply Chain

Centralize and scale access control for third-party identities such as auditors, contractors, partners, vendors, and distributors — to safeguard your supply chain against data breaches.

Ease of Management for a Complex Ecosystem

Secure access in intricate B2B ecosystems. Customize granular controls to protect sensitive and proprietary information — exposing only what’s necessary and mission critical for business operations.

Simplify Audits and Regulatory Compliance

Navigate data sharing requirements effortlessly for SaaS and data platforms—achieving compliance with privacy and local, regional and cross-border regulatory requirements.

Cost-Effective Automation

Streamline the onboarding of new partners and automate role assignments efficiently. Reduce costs and increase productivity, even across multiple subsidiaries.

Dynamic Authorization in Real-Time

Continuously verify trust during each digital interaction across your tech stack, ensuring enterprise security frameworks are consistently aligned, regardless of company size.

Self-Service Administrative Capabilities

Delegate administrative controls via self-service management. Empower your partners while ensuring your enterprise’s security policies are maintained across all partnered organizations.

A Guide to B2B Access Control

Do you have insight into the third-party identities that have access to your enterprise’s digital assets? Mitigate supply chain risk and protect your data by gaining visibility and control over B2B and third-party access.

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