Disparate and Limited Controls for Data Access

In the complex realm of global data privacy, enterprises grapple with diverse regulations, data protection, and limited controls across multiple data platforms. These disparate controls compound the task of granular data access and simplified auditing.

A streamlined solution is essential to balance data utility and security, while tackling inconsistent data access controls and security. Furthermore, such a solution would enable businesses to adapt quickly to changing regulations and ensure a consistent approach to data privacy and security across all platforms.


Centralize and Simplify Data Access Controls

Embrace a smarter approach to managing your data access controls with Identity Security Posture Management. By unifying your controls, you can ensure consistency and business agility through PlainIDs low code, no code solutions without compromising security.

The future of data access control is here: it’s centralized, standardized, and tailored to your unique risk landscape and data platforms. This approach not only simplifies governance and compliance but also enhances operational efficiency, allowing organizations to rapidly adapt to evolving security needs.

Business Impact Benefits

  • Gain Full Control of Data

    Consistently protect PII and sensitive data with advanced, granular controls, giving you complete authority over data access at both row, column, and cell levels.

  • Address Regulatory Compliance

    Efficiently address global data privacy regulations, including state, country-level, and cross-border compliance requirements, as well as data processing B2B agreements.

  • Simplify and Unify Auditing

    Streamline your auditing process for access policies, making it more straightforward and less time-consuming so you can focus more on strategic activities, enhancing the overall operational efficiency of your data management.

  • Accelerate Secure Data Sharing

    Expedite your time-to-market by enhancing data collaboration projects across multiple platforms, leading to real-time value extraction from your business intelligence efforts.

Data access control

Identity-Aware Security Use Cases

Data Access Control Use Cases

PlainID provides robust low code, no code solutions for enterprises, streamlining data privacy, compliance, and secure collaboration, facilitating better control and faster business results.

Authorization for Data & Data Lakes

Data Privacy & Compliance

Effectively safeguard sensitive data, navigate global compliance rules, and streamline audit processes, enhancing your data privacy and compliance practices.

PlainID Authorization for PowerBI

Secure Data Collaboration

Drive faster business intelligence, data productization and monetization projects securely, with full control over data access, streamlined audits, and expedited time-to-market.

Third party access control for cybersecurity image

PlainID has made it simple for us to build and manage access policies that align security and business requirements across our technology stack – from legacy application, to our modern cloud apps, and all the way to the data we collaborate on.

Case Study

Dmitry Tepper

Senior IT Enterprise Architect, Freddie Mac

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