Access control
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Authorization Management

Over the decades, IAM solutions have become increasingly granular, with access becoming more centralized to accommodate the growing complexity of organizations. Role-based access control (RBAC) is limited in scope as it coarsely connects predefined roles to users, resulting in an explosion of roles and their connections to users, which are unmanageable at scale.

Attribute-based access control (ABAC) offers a more granular solution by connecting users based on attributes to data, resources or actions. However, such solutions are extremely resource-intensive, leading to thousands of rules that need to be micro-managed by IT.

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the evolution of authorization

Coarse Grained
Local Control


control list


Role based
access control


Attribute based
access control


Policy based
access control

Fine Grained
Enterprise Level Control

Time for a simpler new perspective on Authorization

PlainID’s flexible policy-based access control (PBAC) offers a simpler, forward-thinking approach that combines the best of both methods. Using unified policies to accommodate both roles and attributes, PlainID creates a direct link between the user and the requested data. Contextual, fine-grained access decisions take into consideration the different influences that affect the access decision at the time the user is requesting access, dynamically determined based on various characteristics assigned to the user, asset and environment, such as time, location or events.

One-stop Authorization as a Service platform

PlainID reduces the thousands of rules that need to be governed to hundreds of policies that can be easily created, managed and visualized using an intuitive graphic interface – with no code or technical background necessary. Our one-stop Authorization as a service platform is based on how modern enterprises operate in the real world, designed to save time and create efficiencies by enabling you to standardize policies across the organization. Acting as a master layer for enterprise and cloud services, PlainID offers centralized or delegated control over authorization with a single point of provisioning.

Easily created
Managed and visualized
Cloud services