PlainID wins multiple awards in 2020 Cyber Security Excellence Awards

25 Feb


Sam Adler

Tel Aviv, Israel. – Feb 25, 2020. PlainID, a leading provider of authorization solutions, today announced that it has won 4 awards in the 2020 Cyber Security Excellence Awards.

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards is an annual competition honoring individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security.

PlainID won the following awards:
-Gold Winner for Policy and User Management ( between 50 to 99 employees )
-Gold Winner for Access Control product for 50-99 Employee companies
-Silver winner for Identity and Access Management ( between 50 to 99 employees )
-Silver Winner for the Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company – NORTH AMERICA ( between 50 – 99 employees )

“We really appreciate the honor, and it truly speaks to the amazing team we’ve built here at PlainID, and to our customers who have driven our technology and innovation decisions,” said Sam Adler, VP of Marketing at PlainID. “It’s always been our goal to build award winning solutions that give companies the ability to govern, administer and control who can access assets across their digital landscape,” he concluded.

PlainID offers two standalone products: Policy Manager and Role & Entitlement Manager, and is also included in the SAP Customer Data Cloud. The products have robust features such as Graphical Policy Authoring, Delegate Management, Approval Workflows, Audit Trail and Reporting, Compliance, Data Governance, Policy Mining, Coarse-grained and Fine-grained Access Control, Standard REST Interface, Multiple Protocols and the ability to work with existing platforms and custom built installations.

Meet with PlainID at the upcoming Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit in London starting March 12, and at Oktane20 in San Francisco starting March 30th.

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About PlainID
PlainID Inc. is the recognized leader of Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC). PlainID’s simple, straightforward solution to authorization management enables organizations to govern, administer and control who can access assets across their digital landscape. PlainID recognizes the frustrations of businesses struggling to understand, incorporate, and best implement Identity and Access Management, and is using Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC) to solve it. PlainID’s solution, PlainID PBAC Platform, enables rapid business growth by connecting new and legacy technologies with the latest and most advanced authorization features. As part of the PBAC Platform, PlainID has developed the Policy Manager and the Entitlement & Role Manager and has ongoing development of additional PBAC modules.

PlainID Media Contact:
Sam Adler