The solution

PlainID simplifies AuthZ to one point of decision, one point of control and one point of view.

PlainID quickens new implementations by meshing emerging authorization standards with existing technologies. On premise, in the cloud or mobile-based implementations are supported.

PlainID separates the business logic, the AuthZ policy, from the technical implementation, thus enabling distribution of same policy to various consumers, it has a dynamic rule engine to “calculate” authorizations based on time, place, event and other attributes, thus making the authorization smarter. It clearly visualizes the connections between people, devices and services and all those authorizations.

This truly is a fresh approach to prevent time wasting on Identity and Access Management.

No rocket science required here. It really is PlainID.

A Truly Fresh Approach to Authorizations

PlainID’s key features can be summed up as easily as itself platform works

A Businessoriented approach

Our solution is designed for both business owners and administrators to define, understand and use. PlainID “talks” to each user in his language enabling better management and control.

Contextual & Fine-Grained Authorization

Access is determined dynamically and in real time, based on user attributes, environmental attributes (time, location, etc.) and events. In addition, access is determined up to the resource and action level.

Indepth Analytics and Insights

PlainID provides unobstructed visibility with a full audit trail. Compliance, regulation and audit requirements – they’re easy to manage on a simple graph-based UI.


Adaptive Authorization Provider

It really is one solution for all – all users, all wearables, all on premise machines, all platforms, all mobile devices, all companies. We provide authorization for all, based on known leading standards in addition to our own SDK.


Graph-based platform user interface

Forget about puzzling data on one-dimension tables. PlainID’s graph-based technology is easy to read and follow.


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