Recognized for its proficiency in reducing cyber risk

TEL AVIV, Israel and NEW YORKAug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PlainID, the Authorization Company, today announced that it has been named a Distinguished Vendor in TAG Cyber’s 2023 Q3 Security Report. This quarterly report from TAG Cyber provides readers with insights, guidance and best practices through reporting, surveys, analysis, interviews with industry experts and other original pieces.

PlainID was recognized in the report for its proven excellence in helping its users reduce cyber risk. As the number of global cyberattacks continues to increase, the need to evaluate and address cyber risk should be a priority for every company. PlainID’s Authorization platform helps companies achieve this by utilizing Policy-Based Access Control to offer a holistic framework for enterprise-wide access control.

“PlainID is honored to receive this recognition from TAG Cyber,” said Oren Harel, co-founder and CEO, PlainID. “We are passionate about helping companies minimize their cyber risk by putting them in command of who has access to their digital assets. By giving them full visibility and control of access policies across technologies, our customers no longer have to spend time managing access on an application-by-application basis and instead can be confident that no unauthorized users will be able to access sensitive information.”

In conjunction with being named a Distinguished Vendor, TAG Cyber’s 2023 Q3 Security Report also includes an in-depth Q&A with Harel about how PlainID’s platform stands out from other authorization vendors and why its integration capabilities are so important. Harel emphasized that industry standards like Role-Based Access Control, which bases access on a person’s job title, and Attribute-Based Access Control, which grants access to users based on policies that evaluate assigned attributes, have limitations and challenges that prevent them from offering the best authorization possible. Instead, Policy-Based Access Control provides an advanced, agile, policy-driven approach, dynamically responding to changes and allowing the writing of policies in natural language.

“In addition to PlainID’s outstanding authorization capabilities, we were very impressed by its dedication to meeting compliance and regulatory requirements,” said Ed Amoroso, CEO and founder, TAG Cyber. “We learned how PlainID helps its customers meet stringent GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other industry-specific guidelines by implementing strong access controls, maintaining audit trails and enforcing policies that align with compliance requirements.”

To learn more about how authorization can help organizations, check out PlainID’s Platform demo.

About PlainID
PlainID Inc. The Authorization Company, is the recognized leader in Authorization-as-a-Service powered by Policy Based Access Control (PBAC). PlainID’s simple, straightforward solution to authorization management enables organizations to create, manage and enforce authorization policies across an enterprise. By securely connecting identities to digital assets via PlainID Authorizers, firms can meet the digital demands of user journeys, enable zero trust architectures and provide data security. The PlainID Authorization Platform enables rapid business growth by connecting new and legacy technologies with the latest and most advanced authorization features.

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