PlainID Launches The PlainID Technology Network to Enable Identity Aware Security for Advanced Access Control

The Authorization Company helps businesses modernize by simply and securely connecting identities with digital assets

TEL AVIV, Israel and NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2022PlainID, The Authorization Company™, the leading provider of authorization and policy-based access control, officially announces its PlainID Technology Network. Developed with PlainID partners, the Network delivers PlainID’s cutting-edge technology worldwide to help organizations securely transform authorization and access control. 

The mission of the PlainID Technology Network is to enable identity-aware security across all segments of the enterprise technology stack by optimizing integration with mission-critical adjacent technologies.  Its goal is to provide partners full visibility and control of who can access what, when, and on whose authority.

“Authorization is managing, controlling, and enforcing the connections of identities that determine which resources, data, functions, and apps people can access,” said Gal Helemski, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at PlainID. “We are simply tackling the biggest challenge in the IAM space. Our Network aims to solve this by providing ready-to-use solutions that integrate into the world’s leading technologies.” 

Working with global partners, the PlainID Technology Network delivers industry-leading authorization and access technologies – helping transform and modernize security.  Network partners work together by leveraging:

  • PlainID’s pre-built and customized authorization integrations supporting technologies across IAM, IGA, data, APIs, microservices, and SASE;  
  • PlainID’s industry-leading “Authorizers,” the company’s off-the-shelf, easy-to-implement approach to managing and enforcing authorization policies; and
  • Advanced controls securing access to API gateways, data hubs, microservices, applications, Identity Provider (IDP) and IGA technologies. 

The rise in demand for authorization capabilities over the past 3 years that cover a range of assets from APIs and websites through to consumer data and IoT, requires a broad set of integrations,” said Simon Moffatt, founder and analyst of The Cyber Hut. “The ability to deliver complex access control to more systems, often deployed in a range of cloud and on-prem ecosystems, will empower the CISO, CIO and other senior stakeholders to deliver business value, based on data sharing and collaboration. Organisations will always benefit from vendor partnerships such as the PlainID Technology Network.”

With the rapid growth of data, there is growing pressure on enterprises and their security and data teams to ensure data is not exposed to unauthorized users. PlainID’s Network helps businesses advance and modernize by simply and securely connecting people with the digital assets they need to do their jobs, accomplish tasks at scale, and conduct digital commerce. Current Network members include Snowflake, Dremio, Okta, SailPoint, Apigee, Denodo, BigQuery, and others.  

Click here to learn more about how to join PlainID’s Technology Network. 

About PlainID 

PlainID Inc. The Authorization Company™, is the recognized leader in Authorization-as-a-Service powered by Policy Based Access Control (PBAC). PlainID’s simple, straightforward solution to authorization management enables organizations to create, manage and enforce authorization policies across an enterprise. By securely connecting identities to digital assets via PlainID Authorizers, firms can meet the digital demands of user journeys, enable zero-trust architectures and provide data security. The PlainID Authorization Platform enables rapid business growth by connecting new and legacy technologies with the latest and most advanced authorization features. 

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