Joining the ranks of past winners from Microsoft, F5, Check Point, and Symantec, Gal Helemski is added to a prestigious list of influential women in Cybersecurity.

April 22, 2021, New York — PlainID, the Authorization Company, today announced that Gal Helemski, Co-founder and Chief Innovation and Product Officer, has been named a top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity by The Software Report, issued on April 21st, 2021.

“I am humbled to be listed amongst all of the incredibly talented women in this list,” said Ms. Helemski.  She continued, “When I co-founded this company more than 5 years ago with Oren Harel, I was focusing on the ultimate goal of solving one of the biggest gaps in the Identity Management space, Authorization.  Being able to decide and know who has access to what, under any scenario, otherwise known as Authorization, is one of the most important of Cybersecurity capabilities. Building this technology in addition to working with a great team, which includes more than 40% women, is one of the most fulfilling roles of my career. I’m thankful that I have this stage to show it is possible to succeed as a woman in the technology landscape.  Finally, I love being able to be involved in educating young women in STEM, and in particular enabling them with Cybersecurity as a career path.”

From leading the strategic development of PlainID’s award winning products, to her consistent appearance on the speaker and webinar circuit, Gal has been a driving force for PlainID’s employees, partners and of course customers.

“Gal has such an amazing focus on customer success, and her input is so helpful at our customers that getting time on her calendar is often the most challenging part of working with her,” said Oren Harel, Co-founder and CEO of PlainID.  He continued,  “Gal has become such a valuable asset to so many professionals and companies, I’m not surprised that she’s being named as one of the top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity.”

You can see Gal in action in many of our archived webinars and videos either on the PlainID BrightTalk Channel.


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PlainID is the Authorization Company. Our cutting edge solutions enable organizations to grow their business faster whether it be via our Policy Manager or Partner Manager product lines. PlainID’s Policy Manager is the market leader for Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC). Our simple, straightforward solution to authorization management enables organizations to govern, administer and control who can access assets across their digital landscape.  PlainID’s Partner Manager was designed for companies that have an indirect sales model and need a solution for Partner Identity and Access Management to their partner portal. Partner Manager lets you manage partners as organizations,  and delegate admin capabilities to your partners to manage their own user’s. This transforms partners’ access management to a model of shared responsibility.



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