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Modernize Authorization

With Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC). Simplify the way you create, manage, and enforce authorization policies.

Identity First Security

Goes beyond the perimeter. Take an approach focused on dynamic Authorization and identity-aware context.

Secure Data Collaboration

By bridging the gap between identities and data, and unify Authorization management with fine-grained access control.

What are PlainID AuthorizersTM

PlainID’s pre-built, third-party “Authorizers,” provide access control for vital authorization enforcement patterns, including authorization for API Gateways, Microservices, and Data Lakes, and more. Authorizers help enterprises control authorization in targeted solutions such as Istio, Apigee, AWS API Gateway, Okta, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake Authorizer.

Centralized Management with Distributed Enforcement


PBAC provides a comprehensive management framework that uses and orchestrates the full capabilities of the authorization toolkit: RBAC, ABAC, run-time decisions, and fine-grained and coarse-grained decisions. A management UI lets policies reflect business logic using simple language to define the complex relationship between identities and assets. An authorization policy defines who can do what and when.

Dynamic Authorization

Dynamic Authorization provides access decisions, in real-time, to meet true business needs. The decision is based on time, place, device and other environmental characteristics and events at the time access is requested.

Customer Corner

PlainID customers and partners have incredible stories to tell. Listen to some of our thought leadership and customer series to learn how PBAC has helped companies in amazing ways.