The Importance of PBAC for Power BI

High volumes of data and identities (i.e. users and services), along with the challenges of siloed access control approaches create gaps in data security. While Power BI has native access control capabilities, enterprises are centralizing access controls to strengthen their security posture and gain flexibility.

Benefits of PlainID and the Power BI Authorizer

Without PlainID

  • Manual and fragmented policy management across tools and data systems.
  • Policy inconsistencies and a permissive approach lead to partial replicas of the data.
  • Limitations of native access controls prevent oversight and security best practices.
  • Inefficiencies and overhead from complex coding with DAX.
  • Exposure to emerging security threats and non-compliance.

With PlainID

  • Centralized policy management simplifies and automates the management of policies across BI tools and the data ecosystem.
  • Risk reduction through consistent policies applied enterprise-wide with Policy-based Access Control (PBAC).
  • Full visibility & control of policies from a unified dashboard that provides reporting and alerting on policy changes.
  • Simplified policy language eliminates the need for DAX knowledge and coding.
  • Adapt to Evolving Requirements to keep up with business needs, security threats, and regulatory compliance.

1 – Connect to Power BI

The PlainID Policy Administration Point connects to Power BI and pulls all Power BI policies into PlainID

2 – Create Access Polices

Administrators manage and create Access Control policies within PlainID’s Policy Administration Point

securing Power BI with PBAC

3 – Push Access Policies

Policies are then seamlessly pushed to Power BI

4 – Authenticate Users

Users Authenticate to Power BI and run reports/perform analysis

5 – Enforce Data Policies

Power BI enforces which data the user is allowed to access based on PlainID-managed policies

Power BI and PlainID Demo


The PlainID Platform Benefits

Designed for Identity-centric enterprises, PlainID’s Identity Security Posture Management Platform is a comprehensive solution that addresses the complexities of modern digital interactions, stopping identity-based threats and unauthorized access to data. The all-in-one platform is the key to unlocking an agile and insightful security posture, defending against identity-based threats in a complex digital world.

PlainID Authorizers

PlainID Authorizers are out-of-the-box integrations that helps enterprises simplify access controls & standardize on PBAC across the technology stack

Enable Secure Data Collaboration

Secure data sharing inside and outside of the organization to maintain data security and privacy.

Minimize Risk with an Identity-first Security Strategy

Connecting identities to digital assets, from applications down to the data layer.

Better Manage Access Policies

Gain end-to-end visibility and control from a centralized management platform.

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