The Evolution of Authorization

Authorization has traditionally been rolled up into IAM solutions. Over time, enterprise IT evolved to support cloud technologies, modern architecture, and fast-growing data. This rapid advancement brings with it security challenges that have been left unchecked due to its complexity and siloed approach.

Current solutions do not work because they do not address security as a business strategy. This requires simplicity, scalability, and coverage of use cases necessary for how digital identities access resources and data.

Accelerate Time to Market Securely

Dynamic Authorization Made Simple

  • Give your security and IT administration team one central management point to view, update, and manage policies for both coarse-grained and fine-grained authorization
  • Gain full control and visibility into what resources users and systems have access to, down to the cell-level of data
  • Unify authorization across your technology stack for solutions such as data lakes, API gateways, microservices, and applications
  • Increase B2B productivity and efficiency by enabling third parties (e.g. partners, suppliers, distributors, resellers, etc.) with Delegated Authorization Management

PlainID Authorizers for a More Secure Technology Stack

  • Secure access to APIs with authorization for API Gateways
  • Bring authorization to the service mesh layer by securing API calls between Microservices
  • Fetch the right amount of data for the right user through authorization for Data and Data Lakes
  • Reduce additional developer coding time with pre-built authorization for Applications

Secure Data Collaboration

  • Ensure authorized data-sharing internally and externally with partners, vendors, and customers
  • Secure data exchange between companies to maintain data privacy and compliance with advanced data access controls
  • Protect proprietary business information your revenue depends on such as materials and product pricing data, financial data, and more
  • Maintain consistent access policies across your databases and data lake solutions such as Snowflake

Support All Digital Identities

  • Provide delegated user management and authorization for identities to third parties such as B2B and partners
  • Ensure systems and machines are treated as digital identities to maintain the right level of access to resources
  • Deliver frictionless user experiences to customers by providing them with the right level of access to applications and data
  • Secure your enterprise by providing your workforce with correct permissions levels and only have access to resources they need