Our Key Features

A Business-Oriented Approach

Our solution is designed for both IAM and management teams to define, understand and use. PlainID “talks” to each user through natural/common language to build effective business policies that define who has access to what and where.

It also provides unobstructed visibility using graph-based technology that is easy to read and follow.

The Power of PBAC

Maintain control of all assets and data using policy based access control to define technical policies. Runtime authorization matches business policies to technical policies in order to determine access control decisions across dispersed environments in real time.

Universal Authorization support

Authorization decisions can be consumed using industry leading standards, XACML, OAuth & SAML alongside custom and tailor made protocols. Quick allow/deny decisions per request can be made or a fully detailed response can be presented.

Contextual access

Access is determined dynamically and in real time, based on user attributes, environmental attributes (time, location, etc.) as well as event based authorizations. PlainID can combine ABAC & RABC to create a united policy.

Fine-Grained Authorization

By amplifying ABAC, we provide a flexible policy that determines decisions based on a pattern or resource attributes all the way from the user to the resource/action.

Distributed identities

PlainID provides a comprehensive view of the multiple identity types and sources that need to be authorized. By supporting employee, customer, system accounts, and more, it really is one solution for all.

Policy lifecycle management

Using PlainID you can build policies on a graph based editor, then have it approved and certified. With the added policy simulator feature, decision makers maintain a tighter control of access to data and resources.

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