New Gartner Report: Improving Runtime Authorization Maturity

PlainID June 6, 2017
New Gartner Report: Improving Runtime Authorization Maturity

Homan Farahmand’s new report (“Improving Runtime Authorization Maturity”) details how current runtime authorization controls and related policy management practices are fragment and highly unsustainable. There is a need in more sophisticated ABAC solutions and that graph theory is emerging as part of the solution to support more mature, ‘enterprise-level’ models. Farahmand’s research outlines the essential functionality that runtime authorization contributes to both compliance and digital agility. PlainID is highlighted as one of the few externalized authorization management (EAM) providers that support fine-grained authorization decisions, and the only one that is based on graph technology, making our solution a key player in the field of next generation IAM solutions.

Gartner members can access the material here

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